Yoga teachers at many studios will sometimes provide individual guidance to students during class in the form of a physical adjustment or assist. These hands-on adjustments are meant to help students improve their yoga practice. However, not all students are comfortable with this style of instruction or interaction.

Full Circle Yoga & Therapy operates as a trauma-informed studio. This means that we empower and support students in choosing whether or not they want a teacher to offer physical adjustments.  We help students indicate their preference with the use of assist chips.

Assist chips are 2-sided round discs that look like wooden coasters. One side gives a green light for assists, while the other side declines assists. Chips rest on the ground at the front of each mat with that student’s preference facing up. This gives our teachers a clear direction about how to best support each student during practice.  It also gives students the ability to change their preference during class in a way that is easily communicated to the teacher.

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