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Erika Wynn

Erika was born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. She spent her childhood under Ben Lomond’s majestic peak and now resides in Salt Lake City with her cute dog, Nala.

Erika’s biggest achievement in life has been to learn how to live (and thrive) as a highly sensitive person in a chaotic and often harsh, painful world. She has learned to combat the results of trauma, depression, anxiety, and PTSD with grace and honesty making her someone often sought out by others for her empathy and ability to understand.

At the age of 17, Erika completed a 1000 hour yoga teacher training at Centered City Yoga, which included a Yoga Therapist Certification. She has continued her education through a number of certifications including a 200-hour yoga teacher training at The Yoga Loft and a 75-hour yoga teacher training with Sonia Sumar, the founder of Yoga For The Special Child.

Erika is a certified birth doula as well as an urban farmer, working for Three Squares Produce in Salt Lake. She is studying The Science and Art of Herbalism under Rosemary Gladstar and hopes to marry her love of farming to that of medicine making and apply it all to her work as a birth professional.

Erika’s great passion in life is to connect, deeply, honestly and tenderly with the world, starting first with herself, then her students, clients and friends, and finally with the earth

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