Meet the Team

We are a co-op of therapists, independent yoga instructors, and other dedicated individuals who have come together with a shared intention of service and community. Our highest priority is providing our members with a customized wellness experience. We are a group of professionals each dedicated to our craft and to making Full Circle Yoga & Therapy an oasis for anyone who comes through our doors.

Therapists who practice at Full Circle are multi-disciplinary in their methods and training. This ensures accessibility to a wide range of modalities so clients may connect with the form of treatment that best works for their specific needs. All therapists emphasize a trauma-informed approach to the care they provide.

Yoga instructors who host classes at Full Circle are not bound by a pre-determined or “branded” method of teaching. Instead, students will benefit from a unique experience brought about by each instructor’s uplifting character and personal teaching style. Class offerings have been carefully cultivated to make anyone feel welcome in joining us, regardless of experience. We invite you to learn more about our amazing team & come experience the Full Circle difference for yourself.

Steven R. Jones, LCSW
Owner & Founder
Jennifer Rohn, MPC
Director of Operations
Jennifer Netto-Hannon, LCSW
Michele Catten, LCSW
Stacy Lund, LCSW
Therapist & Certified Yoga Instructor
Josh Blankenship, CSW
Samantha Curtis, MSW-I
Clinical Therapy Intern & Certified Yoga Instructor
Maegan Lambert, MSW-I
Clinical Therapy Intern
Katie Ayala
Certified Yoga Instructor
Heather Jones
Office Manager & Certified Yoga Instructor
Rachel Lando
Certified Yoga Instructor
Jasper Robertson
Office Manager & Certified Yoga Instructor
Jenn Roney
Certified Yoga Instructor
Lin Steffey
Certified Yoga Instructor
Jade Stromberg
Certified Yoga Instructor
Erica Walters
Certified Yoga Instructor
Full Circle Yoga and Therapy | 1719 S. Main Street | Salt Lake City, UT 84115 | (385) 528-2950