So…what about yoga? The following are a few aspects that we have broken down for students who are new to yoga and about practicing at Full Circle Yoga and Therapy.

I’m new to yoga. Where do I start?
Welcome! We are excited to have you start your yoga experience with us. The most important thing to remember as a new yoga student is that showing up is what matters. You will soon find your groove, even as a beginner. As a new practitioner, we recommend starting with our yoga basics classes and then branching out to our restore and yoga nidra classes. This will give you the opportunity to learn some fundamentals while also experiencing a range of yoga styles. You can see our current class offerings HERE.

Do the teachers touch the students?
Yoga teachers at many studios will sometimes provide individual guidance to students during class in the form of a physical adjustment or assist meant to help the student improve their yoga practice. Full Circle Yoga & Therapy operates as a trauma-informed studio. This means that students are empowered to choose whether or not they want a teacher to offer assists.  We help students indicate their preference with the use of assist chips.

These are 2-sided round chips that look like wooden coasters. One side gives a green light for assists, while the other side declines assists. Chips rest on the ground at the front of each mat with that student’s preference facing up. This gives our teachers a clear direction about how to best support each student during practice.  It also gives students the ability to change their preference during class in a way that is easily communicated to the teacher.

What’s the temperature in a class?
The temperature in a yoga room can vary from studio to studio, and teacher to teacher. At Full Circle, we try to keep all classes at an average temperature considered comfortable for most individuals. We DO NOT offer any “hot yoga” classes. If you are sensitive to hotter or colder temperatures, be sure to let your teacher or our staff know so we may ensure your comfort during any class you attend.

What do I need?
If you want to bring your own bottle of water, that’s great. The studio offers small towels if you get sweaty. We also have mats to borrow (we do not charge mat rental fees). Some students like to bring journals to process their experience after the class in our lounge area. We encourage all students to bring an open mind to each class.

What should I wear? 
The most important thing about the clothing you choose for a yoga practice is that it is comfortable for you. Be sure it can move and stretch with you, but nothing so loose that it will fall down (or up when touching your hands toward the floor). After you check in, you will take your shoes/socks off before you enter the studio, so any footwear you choose is fine.

Do I have to register in advance to attend a class?
No. We do not have a pre-registration requirement for any regularly scheduled yoga class. We welcome and encourage you to drop-in for any class that fits within your scheduleWe may sometimes require advance registration for specialty workshops or events, but that will always be clearly noted on any event description.

Cell phones?
All cell phones should be turned off (not on vibrate) and put away. If you have special circumstances, please check with the front desk or your teacher and they will assist with any necessary accommodations. There is space just outside the studio entrance for students to store personal belongings during class.

Injuries or other physical concerns?
Yoga teachers are trained to provide pose modifications and instruction for a range of physical capabilities to help everyone feel welcome and participate at their fullest capacity. However, they are not licensed medical practitioners and cannot give medical advice or care. As with any other exercise program, you should speak with your physician regarding your participation in a yoga-based program. We encourage you to always be listening to your body. If any pose is uncomfortable for you or you feel pain at any time, stop what you are doing and relax until you feel ready to resume practice.  Discuss any concerns with your teacher.



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